Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#18 Toilet paper, limes and form "Big White" in Barbados to "Fast Balla" in St. Vincent.

Alright so another boring week.  My Comp is still sick so we didn’t get to go out to much into my area but I was saved by Elder Page who is another Elder who I live with.  We went on two trade-offs.  One of them I went into his area to work and it was so awesome.  One of the best parts about going to someone else’s area is there is no pressure because these aren’t my investigators so I just get to relax and try to help them and not have to lead the discussion.  We met with this man whose name is Brother Warren.  He is awesome.   He has throat problems so he is hard to understand but he is so amazing because he just wants to serve others.  He told us all he wants to do is serve the people because it serves God at the same time.  We were like, “oh flip, is this King Benjamin speaking or Brother Warren”?  To you non Book of Mormon readers, King Benjamin is a profit who talk a lot about “when you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God.”   After the discussion he gave us a half a roll of toilet paper that was shredded up, a bunch of limes and he tried giving us other things but we just accept the toilet paper and limes.  It was just so much fun spending time with him.

This week I got to play in a big game of cricket with these kids around my age.  It was so much fun.  There was like fifty people watching us play.   My new nickname in this town is “Fast Balla”.   It’s just the funniest thing because back home I definitely was not the “fast balla” guy. But it was just fun having fun building relationships with the locals.  Cricket is hard because the batter can stand in front of the wickets so they can get beaned all the time and it does not matter. If I wanted I could just keep giving kids bruises until they understand how to play a baseball style of cricket.

We had Zone Conference this week and that was interesting because we talked a lot about the Enabling power of Jesus Christs Atonement.  How everything that we go through in this life can be made right with his Atonement.   We just have to understand that and to apply it to our lives.   Every day that I leave the apartment, I see that without that amazing thing that he did for us, I would not be able to experience the immense amount of love that I have for these people.  There would be no chance for me to help them become better people.  It is the greatest thing anyone has ever done for us and words cannot comprehend how grateful I am.

Well this transfer is almost over and I’m not sure if I will be staying or going but I will be informing you all next week.

Love you all so much

Elder Fokken

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