Tuesday, March 15, 2016

#20 And we're off!

Alright, week one of my fourth transfer and it has been a great one.  My new companion, Elder Gordon is really awesome.  He came here on Tuesday and we realized that because we didn’t get much work done in our area recently, we need to pretty much visit each home in our area.  So we did a lot of walking around trying to set up appointments with new investigators and visiting old investigators.  We had great success.  We were able to teach some really amazing lessons.  It has been really great because Elder Gordon has been on his mission for 21 months and knows a lot.  I have been learning so many great ways to teach and to make it very simple to where anyone can understand.  It’s really great being able to learn from him.

Elder Gordon and I were able to get a family to church on Sunday.  The family members all live in different parts of the area but they all came together as a family and went to church.  It is the family of the kid named Junior who I mentioned before who I said is the next Ezekial Ansah. (Google Ezekial Ansah Story if you don’t know how he is.)   Anyway, it was really amazing to see them all at church and it was just super cool because we taught them after church and they are all so cool and involved and just want to learn more about what they can do to grow closer to Jesus Christ.

This week my buddy Elder Page had to go to Barbados for surgery on something that has been bugging him for a while but we were able to have a big final mini basketball game and it was tied at 19 and we play to twenty one.  He hit a three pointer in my face to win but we are definitely putting that hoop to good use.  It is our morning workout.

Elder Gordon cooked me some really good baked chicken this week and I made fettuccine so that was the best meal I have had in a really long time. 

Since Elder Page went to Barbados and won’t be back for a while, Elder Gordon and I are in a trio with Elder Wilson so we are now covering all of the whole eastern side of island.  It is really tough trying to find the time to get everything done but it is a fun struggle because we get to meet so many awesome people and get to teach a bunch of people but it’s still hard trying to split up the time. 

This week has been a really awesome.  One where I have been able to feel Gods love as I have pushed myself as a missionary to do the best I can with all of these people and to truly show that I love them through the small acts of kindness.  Small acts of kindness show Gods love in a great way because it’s like God giving us the little tender mercies we need.  Darcy Edwards told me a couple weeks ago to look for miracles in my life.   I have seen how a family that was really struggling, as we prayed and visited them a lot, were able to just show a great desire to do better and it has made me so happy.

I love you all so much

Love Elder Fokken 

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