Monday, March 21, 2016

#21 Sharing the Gospel is aaaaaamazing! (and a few pictures)

Okay so this week was pretty aaaaaamazing!  We had a lot of fun this week and a lot of progress and witnessing that the gospel is true and that Jesus Christ is truly the savior of the world with the people here on island.    Since Elder Page is still in Barbados for medical reasons, Elder Wilson is with Elder Gordon and I and we are covering two areas.  It’s rough but fun because we get to teach a lot of people.

We have this family that is really progressing.  Yesterday we gave them something called a Pathway to Baptism plan where we set out the steps and the things we need to do before they get baptized.  It helped us to see what was holding them back and what we can do to help them. They are super awesome, when we teach them they asked great questions and showed a great desire to learn and to grow. 

This week one of the lessons I learned was always following the spirit.  On Tuesday we were walking by this lady and I felt the prompting to turn around and to talk to this lady.   I stopped my companions and said we needed to go back, there was instant opposition from the adversary and he did not want us to go back and talk to this lady.  We overcame that challenge and when we went back, we were able to find out that she used to be taught by the missionaries and that right now in her life she has some really rough things going on and has needed some help.  We went back to see her yesterday and she explained that one of her really good friends has gone missing and she has been praying really hard for guidance.  We shared with her that as she trusts in the Lord and knows that it by his will, not our own, she will have peace.  And like Grandpa taught me, God is waiting to grant us our blessing as long as we pray for them to show him our desire and then he will help us. She expressed how grateful she was and how it helped so much.

This week coming up were hoping to baptize a young man whose name is Chris.  He is a really cool kid and has expressed to us how grateful he is and how the gospel has truly changed him for the better.  He isn’t sure who is going to baptize him but I might be the one doing it so that means I will get to go in the ocean this week but whether I do or not, the most important thing is,  we get to see this kid take an amazing step in our Heavenly Fathers Plan. 

We are also going to start teaching a man who is a St. Vincent soulka star.  He is really cool, he showed us his music video that is coming out.  His name is Clifford. He goes by a different name professionally that I don’t remember but he already has a lot of really good doctrine instilled in his mind.

Well I love you all and I leave you with a scripture - Revelations 22:21.  I’m going to make you go get your Bible and look it up because if I quoted it, it would be too easy.

Love Elder Fokken

Elder Gordon and I just before PDay Hike

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