How to Write to Elder Fokken

Elder Fokken will be traveling around the different parts of the mission area, and can move from town to town with different assignments each 6 weeks or so.

He would love to hear from you.  The best way to reach him is ...

Elder Parker Fokken
Trident Financial Building
Hwy 7
Christ Church
BB 15156

If you want to simply email him, email me and I will give you his email address.  I don't just post his email address publicly simply because the work he is doing requires a lot of focus on the good and right things. Letters need to be positive and uplifting.   Vonnie and I just can't chance anyone emailing him distracting and negative things.  I am sure you understand.  Thank you and please don't hesitate to email me and ask for his email address.  I am sure he would really enjoy hearing form you and the email release qualification test isn't too tough.   Dave

High lighted areas, the mission boundaries are where Elder Parker Fokken may be teaching and serving the people.