Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#17 "Tongans for Diarrhea"...With Faith comes Work

So the subject for my letter is “Tongans for Diarrhea” which is what you get in the Caribbean and what I heard from my companion all week.   This week was a long one.  We didn’t really get too much of work done because yes my companion was sick and we stayed inside a lot.  I was able to do some tradeoffs with the other elders in out apartment so I could at least go teach some of our investigators but sadly, nothing super special happened this week which was a bummer.

That said, on Friday I was having a rough day and just doing a lot of hard thinking.  As I was taking on the phone with another Elder, we got a knock on the door.  It was the senior couple with a package for me.  It had two baseball gloves and a baseball, a football and a mini basketball hoop.  That was so awesome, it made my day.  Elder Page and I immediately went outside and played catch with the baseball and gloves.   Every day we do that now and we are slowly moving up to where I’m throwing as hard as I can and he is moving to where he can catch it most of the time.  

 I really wish I had more to say this week.  We had a less active at church yesterday and that was really amazing just because he is a really cool guy.  He is super athletic.  His family are all captains of different sports for the national team and he is just really good at all of them.  This week when we taught him, it seemed different that our normal lessons right from the start.  He got really involved and really showed us his spiritual side.  I was so amazed by this man’s testimony.  He said that he has never felt more loved by missionaries and that’s why he wants to start coming back to church and doing what’s right.  I tell him all the time that we need him and that he is just an amazing man.  He finally took to that to heart and said that he wants to make that step and get back to where he used to be and he is doing it.  We are excited to see him continue to grow and get stronger every day. 

This next story is not to put down others or to make it seem like we are any better but it was just kind of funny that the huge missionary group that was in St. Vincent last week that did a huge show left a bunch of trash and stuff everywhere.   We went and helped a few locals clean it up while all the visiting missionaries were out playing and swimming in the ocean.  They came and they taught the people and challenged them to come unto Jesus and after they do that, then they go away and there we are doing all the cleanup work.  We just went to help our people clean up but did use the opportunity to talk about how important it is to have faith but with faith also comes work.  We just hope we are setting a Christ like example and showing these people we truly care about them.  I thank those missionaries that came, they helped us in many ways further God works here in Georgetown. 

Well I’m sorry this letter stunk, it was just an uninteresting week.  I hope I can have a better one next week.

Love you all so muck

Elder Fokken

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