Wednesday, December 2, 2015

#5 Thanksgiving Turkey and Barbados Independence Day Coucou

This week has been a long one with Thanksgiving and Independence Day in Barbados! But it was also a great week for so many reasons.  Surprisingly, we had all traditional food on Thanksgiving because a family that is from America fed all the missionaries.  I ATE SO MUCH it would scare people but it really wouldn’t be a surprise because of all the weight I have been gained.   Most of it is muscle which is super awesome.  I have gained ten pounds and I eat like a cow. It frustrates Elder Miller because I eat all our food!

Barbados Independence day wasn’t too special.  We had an activity with about 40 people, half missionaries and half members of the church.  It was interesting to get some Bajan cooking like Coucou and Mac Pie but it was still food so I ate it all!!!

Also this week Elder Martinez of the Seventy came to Barbados for a church conference and spoke to us missionaries too.  It was awesome! He talked about so many things but just getting to hear his testimony that he has of the Savior was great.  It just gives you such a sense of peace and comfort.  That’s what the gospel does, it gives you a peace and comfort we all want but for some reason, we try to find it in other places but nothing will work as well as the gospel.

We also have a baptism for a lady named Martha.   She is my most favorite person in the world.  I get in trouble because I just sit and gaf (talk) with her forever because she is just so funny.  She reminds me a lot of Grandma! She is 80 years old and is getting baptized on the 5th of December, just like my cousin Kacie!   I will tell Martha that she is getting baptized the same day as Kacie and she will think that’s awesome!   We are so excited for her!  She is amazing.  She calls us all the time to ask us what she needs to do.  She is so excited to become a member of this amazing church because she said it makes her fake eye and her barely working eye work better and also because it brings her that same peace I was talking about earlier. You will get to see pictures of her next week.

I just found out I am an uncle!  I am so excited, I was tearing up sitting in the Library because I was sad that I don’t get to see her but I know she is awesome!  I also was tearing up because I know that she is a daughter of God and Heavenly Father has a plan for her. We go out and teach this plan to people and it just reminds me of one thing. This little girl is a miracle and there are going to be many miracles in her lifetime, but the one miracle that I hope she will always hold dear is that Jesus Christ died for HER! FOR HER, personally. He died for all of us personally and it gives me that sense of hope for myself and also for that baby girl that everything will work out. I already love that little girl so much I can’t wait to see her on Christmas!

I got my Christmas package this week and there were so many awesome things! We already broke the whoopee cushion but we also set up a finger football tournament and its pretty intense! We leave our goal post up all day! Also the tree and the tiny nativity set are set up in our front room. It’s getting really Trunky (homesick) in my apartment.  We are all really excited to be able to call home on Christmas!

Oh shoot, I almost forgot! In Zone Conference the other day, all the missionaries in Barbados got together so we could have a little training and to be able to talk about our areas personally.  Apparently our Zone Leaders assign talks to two missionaries to talk during the conference and they never told me that I was one of them!  When my name was called to go up and speak, I almost pooped! (At least he would have been able to check off “Pooped my pants”)  But it came to show me the power of the spirit and speaking by the spirit and why having the Holy Ghost with you all the time is so important.  I got up there and just talked about things I had never thought about and how when Jesus spoke with authority and how the people were so inspired and touched by his words (Mathew 7:29).  And how Jesus Christ taught with love and he spoke with love in his voice. Scribes memorized and taught but Jesus Christ used the spirit and taught with love.  SO to you all, if you go about whatever you are doing with love, it can really change how people perceive you and listen to you and just love you back.  Jesus Christ is the greatest teacher of all time and I just hope to learn a thing or two from him.

Well another week has gone by, I just started realizing how much I miss baseball and sports but I am also starting to realize how amazing this experience is.  Even with all the homesickness, disappointment and everything, and as hard as it is, it all gets better with the love of my Heavenly Father and the comfort from the Holy Ghost when I am teaching someone about Jesus Christ.  I miss everyone soooo much but I’m not coming home any time soon because Heavenly Father needs me here and I will do anything to feel his love always!

Love you all so very much     Elder(Uncle) Fokken

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