Monday, December 21, 2015

#8 New Companion...Doing Great!

Alright, so this week was a really tiring week.  Since Elder Miller left on his flight Wednesday morning, I went on a trade off with an Elder from Tonga and he ate all my food but it was still good.  Then since Elder Broadbent went home on Thursday,  I was with Elder Cox and we had airport runs all morning from 1 in the morning to 7 am because of all the transfers.  It was a really long morning but I got to take a little nap when I got home and then we had to go back to the airport to pick up my new companion at about 11am.   He is Elder Mykolyski.  He is a real awesome guy.  He’s from South Jordan Utah.   Real close to me back home.  He is coming from Grenada and he says that Barbados is a lot different than Grenada but he says he likes it so hopefully I am doing a good job with being his host.

Thursday night the Assistants that are replacing Elder Cox and Elder Broadbent got in and they are Elder Pape and Elder Stewart-Johnson and they are both jacked.  They have really just set the tone for morning workout every morning, if I’m not doing like double of what I usually do, I feel like I am doing nothing.  It has been really awesome having them here with us.  They are both spiritual giants and I can tell they really love being missionaries. I hope I can grow like them towards the end of my mission. 

Saturday we had our district Christmas party and it was good.   During it there was a musical performance by these two men from the Oistins branch. Mot my branch, I am in the Christ Church Branch.  They were so good!   I did not know that someone could be that good at singing here in the Caribbean (other than Rihanna of course) but it just felt like home hearing such beautiful voices singing.   All the missionaries had their cameras out. It was just really the best Christmas party I have been to in a long time.

Then on Sunday I got to go out proselyting with Elder Pape.  Elder Pape is the biggest missionary I have seen in my life and he is is just the coolest guy.   We both act a lot alike while are in the apartment (like just big goof balls, you know) but I like it and when we go out proselyting we both teach in a similar way so we are able to really harness the spirit and really just grow our own testimonies a while teaching.  It is just so amazing.  After the first lesson we taught to a man he said to me, “I can count on my fingers how many times I have felt the spirit that strong in a lesson."   Just to know that I got the opportunity to be a part of that, I was just so happy. The lesson didn’t even go that well but just getting to bear testimony with such boldness is such a great feeling there is nothing like it.

Well Christmas is coming up this week and there is nothing more exciting than getting to see my family.  I am so excited and Love everyone so very much.  If you haven’t watched the Savior is Born video on, go watch it because i have watched it a bunch and it is always amazing. Have an amazing Christmas and I think about every single one of you every day, I PROMISE! I love you sooo much!

Love Elder Fokken

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