Monday, November 9, 2015


So I arrived here in Barbados on Monday, 11/2.  We stayed in a hotel until Wednesday when we got put with our trainer.  My trainer is Elder Miller.  He is from Fillmore UT.   He played baseball like me but he is a Utah Utes fan so that makes things awkward.  I will stay here in Barbados for my first transfer at least.   My area is called Voxhall.   The humidity here kills and the only place that has AC is in our room in the apartment so we are sweating all the time.

This first week has been interesting.  We go out knocking on doors but don’t actually knock, we yell "good day INSIDE!!!" to let people to know were there.  They have doors to knock on but I guess it’s just the way it’s done.  There is a crazy guy in our area, his name is Raymond.  He thinks he is Jesus Christ and that we are his servants and such. He gives us names of Bible people.  The people here definitely talk super crazy and I’m already saying things like they do.  Like they don’t say the "th" it’s just "t" so you say “tat” for “that” etc.... And they say CHEESE ON BREAD!!!  I like that one.
We have a lot of investigators and I have been getting a lot better at teaching lessons.  We do have a baptism this week which is super exciting.   We also have an investigator named Gladstone (yes his first name) and he watches American football so that’s how me and Elder Miller found out who is winning and losing and pretty much the jist of what’s going on in sports.

You could get hit by a car every day because people are crazy drivers but we know how to handle it.  It’s kind of fun actually when people fly by yelling at us.  The hardest thing for me so far is there is no such thing as dinner here.  By the time we get back to our apartment at 9pm, I am starving!     

 I got all the packages at the MTC and I am so thankful for all of them.  It was awesome to get them!

I get homesick ever day but I read this scriptures about others being away from their family and it helps.

It’s hard here but I get better every day.  I live with the assistants to the president so I have a lot of really good examples already.

I am working hard and miss everyone.  I promise to get you some picture next week!

Love you
Elder Fokken


  1. The spirit of camaraderie you feel as you serve in the Lord's "army" will be a great consolation to you! "Keep your head up" and work hard and the assurances of the Lord will distill upon you! We all appreciate what a great servant you are of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Your Mission will be but a small moment, so drink in each experience, and know they will be for your good! Gospel love, Brother Greg Munton

  2. Good stuff, Bro. Munton! Thank you.

    And, I have learned that "Cheese on Bread" is what they said when they want to say something to the effect of "Awesome!".